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Saturday, January 18, 2014


White clean,fresh & elegant minimal style interior breathing freshness in every corner.Hints and accents of green foliage set amidst the clear winter blue skies ,its was a perfect saturday afternoon at Bricklane Grill, a for a lunch with friends.Their platter consists of mediterrainean & italian cuisine.An absoutely picturesque place and some good food.Brick lane is all about roof top alfesco dining which Bangalore is so famous for. Its on the 5th floor of the Escape Spa and boutique hotel right on Indiranagar 100 ft road. The first thing you notice is the ambiance which is very European and love the predominantly white furniture,gives you a feeling of being swept on a beautiful greece holiday on a clear day.Food is pretty good we tried some fresh watermelon martini a mezze platter with char grilled chicken and some prawns in peppercon sauce.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Good Morning folks ! I Have been contemplating about doing the calender this year.last year was the first time and with your support ,the response was great. This year on i decided to simply it for eveyone.This is a digital calender with a high res. image you could resize to ur best fit.One month at a time.. *Live in the Present tomorrow is never promised so make it beautiful,it will be worth remembering" CALENDER 2014 -JANUARY The.Curious.Eye. Fine art Photography INSPIRATION - FOOD!
heres how you can download the link -copy paset this link on your browser (


Here's wishing all of you a fabulous New Year 2014.I hope and wish this year is very exciting for each one of you with new discoveries ,new dreams ,new aspirations ,new perspective.Go out there free.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hi! Blogging World

After many attempt's and re-attempts to begin a blog and be consistent at it ,i guess i have finally arrived here. I have been reading many of wonderful blogs on line and getting inspired on the kind of content and how and what to post. i feel quite confident now to have my very own photo blog. This is primarily a photo blog and a personal documentation of my works for people to see and share my unique style in photography.I love art and details.Most of my photographs would represent that.I have never (till now) used artificial i am a crazy *chiaroscuro*, love the play of natural abundant light filling up every object in my compositions. A travel bug and a happy foodie , and id love to share my travel snap-shots and food experiences through my photographs. Hope you like my work ,that would be huge encouragement for me to do better. Thanks for stopping by.